WHOAD. IT'S ONE DAY FROM 2012! As the Kia commercials like to say, "That's CAARAAZYY!"

Today is a very important for many reasons the primary being tomorrow is the beginning of the Blog Challenge! If you unfortunate soul don't know what it is, there is a tab on the top of my website labeled "Challenge." Click and read. If you do, JOIN US IN OUR MADNESS! Err, blog writing. Tomorrow is the beginning of January, which starts the competition. Prepare yourself for a flood of blogging. Who's participating? I'm glad you asked, imaginary questioner!

Competitors for January, 2012 Competition:
Me @ A Few Brilliant Ideas
If you're reading this post, you probably know who I am. Therefore, all I have to do is assign myself a nickname. It shall be The Napster.
Simeon @ A Bunch Of Awesome Nothingness
Simeon's blog perfectly describes his self-contradicting nature and hilarious writing. He loves to share things he has found on his blog, and describe his very funny life in general. He is an enjoyable read in more of a "log" kind of way. I dub thee Buddy the Elf. Winner of two Christmas costume competitions. One suit.
Emmie @ Nyesh Nyesh Indeed & Analyze the Abstract
Emmie compliments her serious writing with her brilliant humor that only true geniuses or idiots can appreciate. Analyze the Abstract is her serious blog that has some truly insightful revelations. Nyesh is just as brilliant in it's silly humor that would make a jester of any class proud. Spoiler kids: there may be crowbars, animals, and evil masterminding. Emmie your name shall be Royal Duplex (<-Latin) on account of the royal writing that we receive from your two blogs.
Isaac @ In His Presence
Isaac writes his thoughts on his discovery of God in his blog "In His Presence." I've found it extremely useful in my pursuit of God, and I think he has some great insights into who God is. He is definitely worth reading as he shares some of the theology he finds and I look forward to seeing even better material in the future. I name thee God Seeker, for obvious reasons.
Davina @ Rainstorms
Davina's blog is both amusing and clever. She is a wonderful creative writer and also shares many of her family conversations. Her family is hilarious as well, Jeremy is participating as well, his blog being below. Davina writes with both humor and creativity, her stories leaving the reader wanting more. Rainstorms is filled with delightful entertainment. Thou shalt have the name Ms. Teri. For your love of puns and mystery itself.
Megan @ I Like It When You Make Sentences
Megan. Well, if you've met her that's probably all you need. Megan combines her unique sense of humor with her complex knowledge of what is cool in "her world." She loves to confuse people using her confused sense of what is "right" and therefore makes it funny to everyone else except the one person that happens to be confused. Her writing is usually random, which makes it fun to read. Your name shall be-eth Swagmister, clearly because of your sense of superiority.
PianoWizzy @ PianoWizzy Rambles
If you open PianoWizzy's blog, prepare to be assaulted from all sides by a combination of music, star trek, internet tv, internet meme, and star trek. Did I mention star trek? PianoWizzy's blog title is apt, because much of the writing confuses me, and I am pretty good when it comes to understanding confused logic. Her blog is a compilation of her thoughts as a piano genius and confused meglomaniac. To say the least, her blog is funny for me to read. I dunno about you. I dub thee Meglo. Simply because the maniac part comes and goes as it pleases.
Jeremy @ From Me to You
Jer bear, as I affectionately prefer to call my friend, writes irregularly. I have heard reports that he may or may not be creating a web comic, something to look forward to. When Jeremy writes he uses tact and simplicity as his preferred mode of transportation. You'll never find that his posts are "overextended." They tend to be concise and to the point. In other words, he's a genius (though he'll deny it humbly). Jeremy went haywire for a little while and became penguin obsessed but I'll spare him that title. Jeremy shall be named The Kidder, because of his love for adorable babies and his joking around. He is a pleasure to read.

That's 8 blogs posting 1 post a day for an entire month! That should be an adequate reading list. =) I can't wait to read these peeps writing, or sharing, or videoing, or whatevering. For the Record. <-Random.

Anyways. That's about it! Happy New Year to ya'll and I'll see you all tomorrow.



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